All About Oysters: Harvesting, Types, and Culinary

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Oysters are one of the oldest luxury foods known to humankind. Evidence suggests that humans enjoyed shellfish delicacies 164,000 years ago! Those living near the coast loved oysters alongside other seafood delights such as clams, mussels, and shrimp. 


Today, many people still eat oysters and aren’t too picky about where they come from or how they’re eaten. If you’re one of those individuals or want to become a foodie, you’ve come to the right place. Before diving into this world of mouth-watering seafood, here’s everything you need to know.


How are Oysters Harvested?

If you are interested in oyster farming, you may have googled “how do you catch oysters” Oysters are harvested in various ways, including:

  • Handpicking: People go out into the ocean and pick oysters off the rocks or shells using their hands.
  • Raking: The rake is dragged along the bottom of the ocean floor to gather the oysters.
  • Mechanical dredge. This process is a sustainably used bay because it doesn’t disturb the seabed; scraping dredge collects the oysters in the upper layer of seafloor sediments with rakes, or teeth, which scoop up the substrate. Piercing dredges use pressurized waters to chase shellfish out from under muddy or rocky bottom substrates and into the collection bags.


Weirdly, oysters are one of the few creatures that will not attach themselves to rocks and other objects in their habitat.


Wild Harvest Oysters

Wild harvest oysters are a type of oyster collected from the ocean rather than being raised in an aquaculture environment. Since they’re harvested from the sea and not farmed, they are considered more natural and purer than cultivated oysters.


The process of harvesting wild oysters is much different than that of farmed and cultivated varieties. This is because they’re not grown in tanks but on natural reefs. 


Oystermen harvest oysters by using a boat and tongs, or a hand rake to gather oysters. Then they use a large bucket to scoop up the oysters and return them to their ship. They shuck and pack the oysters into containers and then take them to market.


The tools used depend on what kind of harvesting. A trencher is used when collecting large amounts of small-sized wild-caught oysters in one area. Catching oysters individually can take more time but provide less product overall. 


The farmers may have better luck with smaller boats because they are cheaper and easier to maneuver through rough waters.


Farmed Oysters

Oysters are grown in many parts of the world. In some areas, they are grown on ropes attached to buoys or stakes for easy harvesting. In other places, they are bred on long lines suspended in deeper waters.  


You might be asking,” how are farmed oysters harvested?” We have researched the most straightforward ways as follows: 

  • They can be grown in cages, which float on the water’s surface. Crates allow good circulation and filtration, making them easier to maintain than nets. These farms are often located at sea or near coastlines.
  • Oysters can also be raised in lakes, rivers, and ponds, much like clams and mussels.


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Oysters are delicious and an excellent choice for those who want to eat sustainably. We hope this article has provided you with enough information, like how oysters are harvested and the methods used. 


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