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Our American military service members devote their lives to protecting our many great freedoms. Risking life and limb for their fellow citizens, active military service members and veterans deserve respect and gratitude. Angry Crab Shack is committed to expressing our gratitude, and in addition to offering  active or retired service members a discount at all of our locations, we devote a portion of our earnings to support American military veterans, every year during the month of July.



At Angry Crab Shack, we offer high-quality seafood at affordable prices and a fun and interactive  dining environment just right for making new memorable moments. Angry Crab Shack plays a large role in Arizona communities by raising money for local charities like first responders and American military veterans. Giving back to society has helped us deeply connect with our guests.


Keep reading to learn more about our efforts and how you can help Arizona veterans.

How Does Eating at a Seafood Restaurant Support Veterans?

Affordable housing is a major challenge for many veterans  in Arizona, which has led to a housing crisis. As a result, the Arizona Housing Coalition established the Arizona Veterans StandDown Alliance program in 2013. The Arizona Housing Coalition holds annual events and resource fairs to raise funds for Arizona veterans and their families. These funds are used to provide affordable, decent, and safe homes for veterans experiencing housing instabilities and homelessness.


Angry Crab Shack is a significant sponsor of the Arizona Veterans StandDown Alliance program. We support the initiative through our annual “You Dine, We Donate” campaign, where we pledge to contribute $.25 for every guest that dines-in at any of our Arizona restaurant locations during the month of July That means a table of 4 automatically adds a dollar to our donation goal! Guests can also add another $.25 just by ordering a drink off of our You Dine We Donate cocktail menu. Additionally, we sell camo merchandise where a portion of the proceeds go to AVSA. In 2021 alone, we raised and donated $55,125 to the Arizona Housing Coalition to help with housing assistance for Arizona military veterans. The donations are essential for providing veterans with necessities such as meals, clothing, and haircuts.


What to Order to Increase Our Donations

You can easily support this cause by ordering from our dinner or lunch seafood menus as you normally would. Angry Crab Shack’s dinner menu includes delicious sandwiches and amazing appetizers; try the classic seafood boils with Asian-Cajun-inspired flavors, savory soups and salads, and our popular basket meals. 


You can also contribute to our donations by ordering hand-crafted cocktails such as the Hurricane, Cajun Bloody Mary, Tongue and Groove, Spiced Shack, Arizona Mule, wine, Western Son vodka mules, and beer at our restaurants, so there is an option for just about any thirsty adult. Participating drink options vary by year. (Please drink responsibly.)


How Can You Support the Arizona StandDown Alliance?

The lack of safe and affordable housing might have a highly negative effect on the community in Arizona. Veterans experiencing homelessness suffer from stress linked to unsecure access to health care, food, retirement, transportation, and overall social stability. You can help ease the social issues veterans in Arizona face by supporting the Arizona Housing Coalition. Eliminating the issues that come with homelessness is the first step in supporting veterans in Arizona.


Angry Crab Shack advocates for safe and affordable housing, proving our commitment to the cause by supporting  unhoused Veterans in Arizona. You can easily offer your support to the Arizona StandDown Alliance by simply joining the “You Dine, We Donate” campaign at any Angry Crab Shack location every July. All you have to do to help is stop by any Angry Crab Shack location and spread the word by inviting family and friends. You can also offer your support directly to the Arizona Veterans StandDown Alliance by donating online, by mail, or the Arizona dollar-for-dollar tax credit. 


Eating at Angry Crab Shack Helps Veterans, One Bite at a Time

Angry Crab Shack offers you tasty and unique bold seafood flavors. We have expanded our restaurants across Arizona to satisfy more seafood cravings, while also helping us raise more donations to support veterans in Arizona. Dine at Angry Crab Shack to support our efforts to end homelessness and advocate for decent, affordable, and safe housing for all veterans. 


Order online or at any of our Arizona locations today,  or contact us for any questions about how you can help Arizona veterans by eating the best seafood in Arizona.

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