Join Us at Our Angry Crab Shack Location in Everett, WA.

Seafood boil restaurant with bold Asian-Cajun flavors. With a flavor experience so good it remains indescribable, Angry Crab Shack in Everett has something for every seafood lover.

Now Open!   Angry Crab Shack in Everett, WA.



The Seafood Boil Experience

If you are looking for the ultimate crab-in-a-bag, but want a unique twist, you have come to the right place. Angry Crab Shack Everett lets you customize for your personal flavor preferences.

The process is easy, and the results are amazing, all you have to do is:

  • Pick your seafood
  • Add a signature sauce
  • Spice up your boil
  • Add-in a side

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!