Birthday Parties

Tired of the same old birthday party venues with soggy pizza and gummy tables? Why not choose a place with big flavor for a fantastic price? At Angry Crab Shack, we offer a variety of tasty dishes to delight any seafood lover. Our menu provides an entire range of spice, from the staple Southern-style catfish to Cajun favorites like Gumbo. Even non-fish eaters can find something delicious to enjoy, including:

  • Po’ Boys
  • Double Cheese Burgers
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwiches

At Angry Crab Shack, we believe a relaxed atmosphere is essential to having a good time. Our locations feature spacious dining rooms that comfortably accommodate large parties and friendly staff who work hard to ensure you don’t have to lift a single finger during your fun day. Bibs are provided, and the tables are protected with paper so you can get as messy as you want.

When scoping out potential birthday party venues, adults may worry about expense at the cost of experience. At the Angry Crab Shack, we make our prices affordable, so you don’t have to choose. Learn more about our restaurants and how to make arrangements for your special day by calling (480) 730-2722 or contacting us online.

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