Voted Best of Mesa 2014 & 2015



Voted Best of Mesa 2014 & 2015


About Us

This is not your traditional crab in bag boil. Ok... it is, but with a few great twists! We offer many options to enjoy our delicious boil, from shrimp, crawfish, and lobster to blue (seasonal) and dungeness crab. Our from scratch boil is a complex combination of wonderful spices and herbs assured to maximize your seafood experience. Simply pick out your favorite seafood item, one of our delicious sauces, and just how spicy you want it. Watch out for the Angry Ghost though, only those trained in handling extreme heat should attempt this one! Once your bag of Cajun goodness arrives, roll up them sleeves and get some!!

In addition to our wonderful crab in bag boil style of food, we also offer an array of other specialty items. Looking to venture a little more into the Bayou? Hop on over and give our fried frog legs a shot, or slither on in for some delicious alligator nuggets. Need to satisfy your Po’ Boy craving? We have those too, and don’t forget to try our freshly shucked raw oysters, sluuurp!

surf n turf

Need more than seafood? We also offer vegetables, PO boys, chicken, and BBQ (at select locations).

Fresh Seafood

Marketed by the pound, our seafood comes fresh and ready to boil! Pick your favorite sauce and spice and get ready for the ultimate seafood experience.

Full Bar

Every location is equipped with a full bar to make your visit more enjoyable. Check out the Menu's to see each locations alcoholic selection.